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Dunkin’ Donuts Returns to SoCal; First Location Opens in Santa Monica

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Coffee and doughnut lovers rejoice: Dunkin’ Donuts opened its first store in Southern California on Tuesday, marking the popular restaurant chain’s return to the state.

Fans lined up overnight in anticipation of the Santa Monica location’s 5 a.m. grand opening.

The early morning events included a ribbon cutting ceremony, a pink carpet featuring the brand’s mascots and surprise giveaways, according to a news release from the company.

A special commemorative California-inspired doughnut to celebrate the opening was also available for purchase.

The first 100 people in line would receive a tote bag filled with special items from the chain, while the first person in line would get a year’s worth of its famous coffee for free, the release stated.

A man who was the first to line up told KTLA he had been waiting outside the store since 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

“I’m originally from Connecticut, so I…

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Fantastic write up about the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural by Andy Patton in The Gazette

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Fantastic write up from The Gazette

One Woman’s Journey To Find Happiness Inside A Downtown Eastside Shooting Gallery - The Gazette August 7, 2014

One Woman’s Journey To Find Happiness Inside A Downtown Eastside Shooting Gallery – The Gazette August 7, 2014

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7 Great Fan Catches Using A Hat

Originally posted on CBS Detroit:

By Adam W. Bloom

Last week we shared how a number of fans used their beer to makefantastic catches in the stands. This week, we take a look at baseball fans who used another article to make superb plays ? the hat on top of their head. Check out some of our favorites.

7. The Lean

This Pittsburgh Pirates starts us off with a sweet leaning grab to snag the foul ball. Well done.

6. The Barrel Catch

A shot off of Eric Hosmer ends up in the hat of a lucky Blue Jays fan.

5. The Double Hat

Now this is an odd sighting. The fan is wearing a hat, but he finds another just in time to make a sweet grab.

4. The Scoop

It’s not always the fly ball that makes for a great hat snag ? check out the sweet scoop from a fan in…

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An Easy Way to Help!

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“Leave a Review.”  Probably the three scariest words an author can say or write.  It’s an author’s version of Russian Roulette.  Will I get the bullet to the temple or an empty chamber?  Even constructive criticism can cut to the bone leaving a deep gash in the author’s soul.  One reader’s trash is someone else’s book heading to the best sellers list.

With that said, I’m sticking the pistol to my temple and I’m asking the almost 900 readers that opted for the free book this past weekend to please leave a review.  In fact, leave a review for any book that you read.  It’s not just new and up coming authors that need reviews.  Authors do not need reviews from the so-called critics.  We need reviews from everyone!

It can be as simple as, “Everyone should read this book,” to “Not my cup of tea, but others might like.”…

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Goodreads Giveaway – a BIG success!!

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Well, I am one happy author/publisher today after my third Goodreads Giveaway ended successfully with an extraordinary number of entrants – 1457!!! Thrilled, as a matter of fact, as it doubles the total number of entrants for the first contest I held last Sept. Here are the stats for each of the 3 Giveaways:

From Sept. 1-30 – 762 entered, 10 winners – Available to readers in Canada, US, UK, Australia
From Dec. 10 – Jan. 16 – 130 entered, 5 winners – Available to readers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guernsey, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland
From June 16 – Aug. 4 – 1457, 5 winners – Available to readers in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa


Readers, if you entered any of these contests but did not win a…

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Up for Discussion – Street Photography

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

Street photography is a very popular style of photography and there are people all over the world taking to the streets to see what they can capture.  I don’t do it a lot of it, but I do follow some people that do, so I asked Shane Francescut from The Weekly Minute if he would write a post for you on Street Photography.

If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph. - Bruce Gilden

Street photography is a photographic style that many people enjoy viewing, but tend to shy away from attempting it themselves. And, from my experience the number one reason for not trying it is a concern for the privacy of others. I see street photography as a way of documenting a moment in time or telling a story about life in a certain place, at a specific point…

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Messy Monday #1: dollarbead.com

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Welcome to Messy Monday!

If you’re a creative type, we’re looking for you! Become a contributor to Messy Monday and show us your crafty side. Message me or email me here to request an add to the contributor list.

*Messy Monday is intended as a nod toward all things creative and messy. Recipes, crafts, art projects, remodeling projects, DIY—whatever soothes the crafting spirit.

Today I’d like to focus on beads and jewelry making. I’m a bead collector and occasional designer (novice though I am). I scour sales racks and clearance aisles at various stores, gathering the bits and bobs that catch my eye.

Recently I found www.dollarbead.com and thought I’d share my experience.

A sample of my haul from dollarbead.com

A sample of my haul from dollarbead.com

At dollarbead.com I managed to find  a variety of beads, jump rings, and even these cute little coffee cup charms. (Squee! I love coffee!!)

Coffee charms? Yes, I do believe I will! Coffee charms? Yes, I do believe…

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